Monday, April 14, 2008

Rumors and Ruminations: Introduction

From time to time, I will post a topic called Rumors and Ruminations. In these posts, I will join Mr. Peabody in the Wayback Machine and collect a sample of CAD rumors from all mediums at my disposal. I'll then insert them into my shiny new crystal ball and go Back to Future in an attempt to guess what is in store, and how to best plan for it.

Like all crystal balls, even the new shiny ones are a bit foggy or cracked. And, I will only gather rumors and information from sources available to the public. Note: These may not be public knowledge because some of the sources require membership or subscription. I just want to iterate that nothing I use as rumors is affected by my involvement with NDAs, alpha/beta testing, or other relationship with companies I am writing about. As such, not all of my sources can be quoted or linked to.

So put on your tinfoil hats and be ready to join me for a fun-filled trip as part of a Futurological think tank.
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