Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vision Statement

So what makes my blog any different than the thousands of other blogs already out there, and on similar topics. To define that, I guess I should tell you what I plan on writing about and what in my background gives me authority to write about it.

I am a licensed professional engineer in the great state of Arizona. I work full time for a defense contractor and do a little side work under a keep-the-house-liability-coverage called Wertel Enterprises, LLC. I have an inherent understanding of CAD, Configuration Management, best-practices, and similar items. I'm also a pretty darn good mechanical designer and engineer who understands what it takes to produce something, not just make it look good on paper.

In this blog, I'm am hoping to develop a broader relationship with fellow CAD bloggers, like the Solidworks blogsquad, Deelip Menezes, and even the CEO of Alibre Design. I'm also going to discuss topics important to engineers, not just CAD designers, such as outsourcing and the importance of licensing. Finally, since I'm relating this to a personal blog more than a business blog, you'll even see some highlights of my latest pwning in WoW and how hunters are FTW regardless of the latest nerfs in 2.4. (I'll refrain from shortcuts except when applicable to the WoW community.)

So that's it. I'll field all questions and comments as quickly as possible. Please open up a dialog with me about any on-topic discussion that you'd like. Flames are even welcome, if they are constructive.

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Note, this blog has my personal email, but please refrain from using it. If you do, I will most likely reply from my business one.
My full-time job is completely unrelated to this blog and my opinions and writings do not reflect any views held by my employer.
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