Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Continent, One Country

One day, I will run for U.S. President and this will be my slogan.

Honestly, the world is more intertwined now than ever before. As the old saying goes, the world is getting smaller. Well, not really, but each individual person is more closely linked to a person on the other side of the globe via faster travel, the internet, and a sharing of knowledge. Granted, cultural issues aside (for all you Brits who sit around in pubs discussing politics), with more and more people populating the globe a lower percentage is taking note of global issues. But, for the most part, groups of people are taking note of and are becoming more globally aware.
  • Engineering and design services being outsourced.
  • Manufacturing being outsourced. (Funny, every country seems to have these problems. Where are they outsourcing to? Note that I embolded seems since no one seems to have consistent factual data to make a undisputable claim.)
  • The economy of one country is dependent on that of several others.
  • International aid groups help during times of natural catastrophe.
  • Industry standard organizations are writing more and more specifications for the international community that utilizes those documents. (It's not just ANSI, ASME, ISO, or DIN anymore. They're still called that, but ASME, ISO, and DIN apply to more than U.S., Europe, and Germany.)
What's even funnier is how everyones' zest for self-preservation seems to cloud the obvious facts that political boundaries are currently doing more harm than good.
NAFTA - who needs it if the U.S., Canada, and Mexico were all one country - the North American Union?

The U.N. is dead. I say it to make a hard point, not to criticize the U.N. From my history studies, the organization was never given any real authority to effect its responsibility. Most certainly, parts of the U.N. play a vital role in the global atmosphere, but unless the countries in the U.N. utilize their own resources to support the U.N., well, let's just say it is to easy for non-U.N. countries to ignore them. And it may be my limited exposure based on media's portrayal, but it certainly seems to me that the U.N. has lost focus on the good of the globe and instead each individual company has focused on the good of "my nation."

What's the fix? One continent, one country. Remove political borders from areas of the globe that share similar geographic and cultural traits. The European Union is having a go at it. Why aren't the rest of us? The U.S. used to be the melting pot, but with faster travel and instant communication, any person has access to any person from around the globe - including their culture. I think all of us are a bit of muggles now, even if you are a pure blood, just due to more global exposure.

So let's take it to the next step. Let's fix the outsourcing issue. After all, outsourcing to Mexico is not outsourcing if Mexico is the same country. If Antarctica can rule its entire continent, why can't the rest of us. Europe and Australia have a good start. It's time for the rest of us to realize "my back yard" is not as important as "our back yard."

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  1. The movie "Canadian Bacon" came to mind after reading your post :)