Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time for a plug: Novedge Pulse

The power of social networking - and the internet is a way to make it happen.

If you haven't already, put together a LinkedIn profile. It's more professional than myspace and so far I haven't had anyone flame me on that site. It has also helped me expand my awareness. Take for example: bloggers, people, websites, and communities I never knew existed but either directly or indirectly have an affect on what I do. (Check out my profile by following the link on the right.)

One such person is Franco Folini, President and Owner of Novedge. We "met" through a shared LinkedIn group. He's already got a great website with great products and I'd recommend anyone to take a look at them. Recently, Franco put together Novedge Pulse. It is a mashup of various CAD and industry news and blogs all conveniently located in one place. If that wasn't convenient enough, it is peer ranked so the most interesting or useful items of the day show up at the top of the list. For so many of you who are like me, time is of the essence. RSS readers are a great way to skim what's new, but the Pulse improves upon it.

I am happy to say, without any effort on my part, this blog has been added to Pulse. Thank you Franco, for helping me get the word out to even more people. I consider it an honor to be included.

So save yourself some time and check out Novedge Pulse. While you're there, give me a beat.
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