Thursday, August 14, 2008

Save Your Gas

and don't bother attending the Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology Launch Event.

Why? Because it was canceled.

Nevermind the confirmation email you have in your inbox.
Nevermind the data-mining phone call you got from Siemens verifying your registration info and reason for attending.
Nevermind the reminder email you got just 2 days before the event; the same email that states there is still room for others in your company to register and attend.
Nevermind the website that clearly shows the event's scheduled date and time.

Nope, all those things don't matter.
What matters is the time you wasted in traffic driving to the event. Non-value added time that will never be reimbursed.
What matters is the inconvenience to the hotel receptionist trying to find your conference room for you.
What matters is the inconvenience to the conference room manager who has to spend time verifying why some paperwork says Siemens is registered today, but other paperwork says they are not, so no room was set up. Which employee is going to be inconvenienced now for the "slip up"?

What matters is the total loss of confidence I now have in Siemens and the local VAR. Is it so hard to verify the registration list and send out an email, or make a few phone calls notifying participants that the even has been canceled before they waste their precious time? I'm just happy I didn't have to drive up from Tucson for the event.

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  1. "What matters is the total loss of confidence I now have in Siemens and the local VAR."

    When Solid Edge with S/T gets released you'll get over it. It's all about the product and what you can do with it. Companies and VAR's will always let you down. This is of like working for a machining job shop in Phoenix, Arizona and doing work for Tally Industries. If you expect Tally Industries to pay their bills on time you are going to be very disappointed.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA