Friday, August 22, 2008

Tips Welcome

I mentioned in my previous post how much I enjoy Seth's Blog. As an engineer, I practically despise the marketing engine that forces me in a direction I'd rather not take with my designs. But, for some reason, when a common sense thinker like Seth posts, I can't but help find myself a little wiser for looking at the world in a different light. Not only that, but I find myself taking more time to change my habits; habits that were not bad to begin with, but can still be improved.

So today comes the topic "Ads are the new online tip jar." I concur with his post that I consider myself smarter than the average bear and not willing to waste my busy time clicking on webpage ads. I even have Ad-bloc Plus add-on for Firefox. Yet, I have ads on this blog. Why? Because most of my readership is also too smart or busy to waste time clicking on the ads and hopefully the site is organized well enough that they do not intrude on the content. Maybe they even reinforce it. (How would I know? I can't see them.) In other words, for absolutely no effort on my part and hopefully no distraction to my readers, I may get a few "free" pennies here and there.

I admit that there are several websites that I gain valuable knowledge from in my day to work and play life. Yet, I don't recognize the author of that website. Perhaps it's time to say a little thank you by occassionally taking the time to click on their ads, and give them a few pennies. They took enough time to add the content, the least I can do is thank them for it. I paid a lot more for my education that what I'd be spending by clicking on an ad, so why not?
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