Friday, December 5, 2008

Solid Edge Wiki

Design News has an interesting article out about how engineers and designers can, and should, utilize social media to improve communication and break down barriers.

Personally, I believe things like micro-blogging are more in line with text messaging. Sure, it's a method of communication, but it's really only a passing fad until the next best thing comes along. That does not mean it is totally useless. It just means that us conservative engineers tend to wait things out a bit before jumping on the band wagon. And what will most likely happen is that micro-blogging and other social media websites with grow their philosophy into a more evolved, and secure, method of sharing thoughts, ideas, and other constructive communications.

But one thing that is obviously useful today, and is not a passing fad, is the wiki. I'm sure we are all familiar with the Wikipedia. The power of the Wiki is undeniable. The ability of a community of users to add and edit the information makes wikis incredibly informational. Heck, even the World of Warcraft has a wiki -

But, for those of us deeply routed within the CAD industry, this powerhouse of information is typically relegated to the "Knowledge Base." Knowledge bases are great. They have information and the information is searchable. But, they are developed by a limited group of individuals under a specific corporate directive. If we've learned anything from open source, it is that information should be free and easily available to the public. Enter, the Solid Edge Wiki.

This is not a new resource, per se. It has been around for a while thanks to its host, Jason Newell. The Solid Edge newsgroup community has entered quite a bit of relavent information, but it could always use more. For Solid Edge users out there, check it out and feel free to post those little Solid Edge tid-bits. For other CAD users, where are you wikis?