Thursday, December 11, 2008

SpaceClaiming - The Online Community about CAD Tech

In my last post I talked about engineers using social media. I'd like to continue the discussion and highlight a few of the regular places I visit to get my CAD Tech news fix.

Back in May, I made a plug for Novedge Pulse. This is my main RSS stop because it collects all the blogs I normally read. The one-stop shop for blog entries saves me plenty of time each morning as I browse for the day's latest highlights. Well, it so happens that Franco Folini has continued to expand his online offerings to the CAD world. Although not brand new, SpaceClaiming is social networking site that is still building its membership.

Originally developed to be an online community for SpaceClaim users, it has since grown into a collection of members across the entire CAD industry. And, it continues to grow and expand every day. Based on the NING platform, the organization of the site confuses me, but I'm growing accustomed to it the more I visit. I'm even finding it useful since it allows for the vast exchange of information through any medium: text, images, video, blogs, forums, comments, private messaging, calender, and of course group memberships. Who knows, as I grow more comfortable with SpaceClaiming, I may even branch out into other locations like Facebook or Twitter.

So if you are looking for a single place to find a collection of information, take a peak at SpaceClaiming. A word of warning though, give yourself some time to digest all it has to offer.