Monday, February 16, 2009

Peterson's Stress Concentrations - errata

The 3rd edition of Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors is on the bookshelves and it is time for an upgrade.

A team at the University of Tulsa used Finite Element Analysis to overcome some of the inaccuracies of the original 1953 analysis (repeated through the 1997 release of the 2nd edition book, resting comfortably on my bookshelf). The inaccuracies can be as high as 24%, based on the Machine Design article used as inspiration for this post.

The team used FEA to derive coefficients for a new set of Stress Concentration Factor equations that are more accurate than those of the prior release. Not only do the SCF result in a more accurate stress analysis, but the location on the fillet of the maximum stress concentration can also be calculated now as well.

For over 50 years Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors has been a must-have resource for Mechanical Engineers. Now it appears that the 3rd edition is the new must-have reference. And you can finally level out your coffee table, since there are no other uses for the 2nd edition.