Friday, May 15, 2009

Wolfram Alpha

Who needs Google? Not anymore!

I'll admit I have always been interested in Wolfram's products. Mathematica is a great tool even though I use MathCAD for most of my work. Why? Because I like the format of MathCAD better, it reads easier, flows into reports better, and I'm more experienced at using it. I won't say anything specific about the deals PTC offers to make it incredibly affordable, too.

I still use Wolfram's website for numerous mathematical problems. A google search for a math problem will often bring up Wolfram's knowledge base as the first hit.

So what is Wolfram Alpha? It is something worth more hype than just a tweet, that's for sure. I may be a little hasty in saying that it is the beginning of the end of Google, for they each serve a different purpose. I also won't say it is the beginning of the end of Wikipedia either, because Wikipedia currently has a bit more description behind it. But what Wolfram Alpha is, is a combination of the two. It's knock-your-socks-off intelligent searching and data analysis. Or, as they call it, Computational Knowledge Engine.

Engine? Heck no! This is a suped up piece of hyper-drive technology capable of going warp speed. "She's givin' 'er all she's got, Captain."

Wolfram Alpha will be announced today. For now, check out the website and view the quick intro. Don't forget to subscribe to their blog and follow them on Twitter or Facebook.