Thursday, June 11, 2009

Housekeeping - Scripts

I use Firefox 3 with Adblock+ and NoScript. I'm in the habit when visiting new websites to automatically click on the NoScript icon and allow scripts for that domain. What I don't like is seeing a list of a dozen scripts being blocked that have different domains than the one I'm visiting. That is, after all, why I have NoScript installed.

But, usually the webpage does not view correctly until I allow more scripts on the page. I decided to check out the report on this blog to see what scripts are there and was quite surprised to see how many I actually had. For your benefit, I have traced the scripts on this blog to gadgets on the right side bar. Depending on if you want to see/use the gadget or not, you can enable is disable scripts on this page.

blogger - lets me actually write a blog to the blogspot domain.
blogspot* - the host domain of this blog.
disgus* - the application used for comments to blog posts.
twitter - for the rolling twitter updates.
sitemeter* - a traffic monitoring application so I know how many people actually visit this blog.
google - because everything is owned by google, especially since I'm using google blogspot.
gmodules - on of the gadgets that allows you to "follow" this blog, much like following me on twitter.
googlesyndication - for the google ad services, which I have blocked by adblock+ anyway so I still don't see them even with the script allowed.

I hope that clarifies all the scripts I have running on this blog. No security risks, but you can pick and choose what scripts to run and what scripts to continue blocking. The 3 scripts marked with an asterisk are the ones I recommend allowing. The other ones are optional. Actually, sitemeter is optional, too, but it would help me out if I could measure all the traffic to this blog. Please note: to be able to use the gagdets of gmodules and googlesyndication, you must also allow the google domain.