Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blogging on MCADCafe

I have been invited to blog over at I accepted the opportunity because it is a new experience, new audience, and will hopefully provide feedback as I develop my writing skills. It may even provide some free PR in my direction.

Because of that, I have decided that I can't support content for two blogs of the same topic. Since this blog has recently shown a history of being more engineering and analysis related, as opposed to CAD related, I am going to keep the focus of this blog in the realm of engineering. Any CAD or PDM/PLM topics I may come up with will be posted on mcadcafe. The title of the blog is
Scott's MCAD Meringue. Yes! That's right, it is the fluffy sweet goodness topping your favorite MCAD deserts. Yum. (See, Josh, I can come up with clever and whitty sayings also. Take that, Smack!)

Of course, if you prefer reading about World of Warcraft, I am a blogger over at The Hunting Lodge, too. You can read all about my uber spreadsheet skillz.