Thursday, October 15, 2009

Artistic History of Engineering

How many of you wanted to be engineers when you grew up? I mean real engineers, the kind that drive trains. Yeah, me too.

Meet some engineers that have taken their trade of math and science and turned it into art. Not just any art, historical art of fabulous steam power: steam trains, steam tractors, river boats, Baker fans, and more. The group of dedicated volunteers revitalizing the lost art by restoring these grand masterpieces is Kinetic Steam Works.

Termed "kinetic art" by some of the volunteers, Kinetic Steam Works restores this historical monuments into a working museum. In some cases, such as the steamship, it not only works, but is used as an "artistic excursion" down the Hudson River.

A side bonus to Kinetic Steam Works volunteer projects is mentorship. Older and younger engineers who share an interest in studying the past have a means of collaborating on it. Where else does a wide range of people come together for a common goal? (OK, I could probably name a few.)

So if you happen to be interested in steam, historical artwork of great engineering accomplishments, or just enjoy working with your hands, pop over to Kinetic Steam Works website and see if there is a way for you to get involved.