Thursday, April 1, 2010


There has been a lot of questions about CADVille today. To make it more convenient on everyone, I have reproduced the original FAQ here.
  1. Will my friends be able to track my progress? Yes, we plan for CADVille to have a Facebook, Linkedin and twitter interface so as you build, trade, get or receive a gift, or unlock new tools, everyone on your network will know (look for the #CADVille Tag in Twitter).
  2. Does CAD Ville work with my Design system? We are providing an API called CADVilleOpen. If your cad system does not yet support CADVille, please call them right now and tell them “I want CADVille Support!”
  3. I do FEA. What about me? We are currently expanding the CADVille API to support the creation and trading of elements, nodes, and Solver tokens (good for 1 minute of solve time). Each “FEA analyst” starts with over a dozen nodes and elements!
  4. My company does not allow me to participate in social media or gaming while at work. Will I be able to use CADVille? Yes. When we charge your credit card, it will be listed under “Collaboration Tool”.
  5. My design tool only does 2D. Can I play too? Really? 2D? I guess we will let you play too but good luck selling your lines and circles and title blocks.
  6. This is really cool! Do you have any other product planned? Yes, we have several products under development. Watch for CADSquare, CADLife, CAD Wars, and World of CADCraft.
  7. This is a joke right? Yes. Many people are unaware of the April Fools tradition and we felt it necessary to include this in the FAQ and all product documentation.
Well, apparently it wasn't a joke to everybody.