Tuesday, October 19, 2010

National Building Museum

The National Buidling Museum, just one more place I need to visit whenever I find myself in DC, especially when they have cool exhibits, like one on parking garages (which ended this past summer).

Parking garages, those often forgotten or overlooked buildings that require just as much engineering and design time as the actual occupied structure.  It's a good thing we engineers and architects can see the joy and beauty in the things often overlooked by the general public.  If not, how else could our urban development continue to grow off of our automotive-obsessed cutlure if there was no place to park once we got there.

ASU's Latest Parking Garage
Parking garages have evolved since the invention of the Ford Model T.  From simple barns to ramped concrete structures - thanks to advancements in column design and concrete - to automated parking.  And the advances in parking structures has been beneficial to other areas on the construction world, including city planning and eco-friendliness. 
Chicago Corn Cob Building - the lower floors are for parking

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