Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Announcement: Moving Domains

No, not this domain.  For the time being I do plan on keeping this blogger site just the way it is.  I moved my personal business domain.

When I started the business, and the domain, my preferred .com domain was not available and I really liked the option of the .pro domain.  The problem was that you were required to get a third level domain ( before you could reserve the second level domain (.pro).  The third level domain is very expensive.  For one, the registrar verifies that you really are a licensed professional.  Also, the third level domain came with some nice benefits, like free SSL certificates.  And, I got a discount on the domain through professional societies.

Well, those discounts have disappeared and the SSL certificate no longer comes with the domain.  All I'm getting now is a really expensive domain name.  Recent changes to the .pro registration policy allows for professionals to self-certify second level domains.  That means we can have the second level domain without a third level domain.  So that's what I'm doing. is set to expire. is my new domain.
My personal business email address also has the new domain (remove the .eng from the existing email address).

Please be sure to update your contact info you have my personal business email address and feel free to stop by the new domain and check out the website.  New content forthcoming.

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