Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Hardware Store for Innovators

Do it yourselfers (DIY), or Makers as they are called now, are making a big impact on design and manufacturing.  Websites like Etsy allow you to take an idea and start selling it within hours.  No business start-up costs involved.  Other websites like Kickstarter allow you to get funding just by sharing a great idea.  And, it has the benefit of implying some initial marketing research on who and how many people are interested in your idea.

That's great, but where do people go to get supplies to make their ideas a reality?
They go to Inventables.

Inventables is the hardware store for innovation.  No longer are inventors forced to make a run to the local hardware store or Radio Shack (can you even buy electronic components at Radio Shack anymore) to build a mock-up of the product they really want to build.  Instead, they can get cutting edge, NASA grade materials to make their prototypes just like the real thing.  And some of these materials are simply amazing, the type of stuff that only a space agency could fund R&D for.

Words cannot describe the availability of rare and unique supplies available at Inventables just waiting to be used in the next great idea.  Pop on over, take a look, and let your creative juices flow.

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