Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Local Motors Open House

The Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) keynote speeches finished early yesterday so I had the distinct pleasure of being able to attend the Local Motors open house.  WOW!  What a company and what a car.

If you haven't heard about Local Motors, they are a new kind of car company focused on the car enthusiast.  They believe that there is a better way to design and build an automobile than the ways developed by GM, Toyota, Ford, etc.  The vision this company has is extraordinary and it is led by their CEO and Co-founder, Jay Rogers.  One thing I got out of the Open House is that Jay is one smart fellow.  I created this infographic to illustrate Jay's smartness.
Not only is the leadership of Local Motors in the hands of an incredible visionary, but it is supported by a very dedicated group of a people who are equally enthusiastic about cars and the new way to design a car.  And something that is a sure sign of the success or failure of a new venture, Jay was supported by his wife and children who were in attendance at the Open House.  Jay is getting support from all directions; there is no way this venture can fail.

The purpose of the Open House was to announce a change coming on 11/11/11.  Jay was pretty secretive about the announcement other than it is going to be big and revolutionary.  This is the type of announcement that will shake up the industry much like the announcement of Local Motors designing a car using crowd-sourcing shook up the industry.  But, with a selection of big name Siemens representatives like Mark Burhop, Susan Cinadr, Carlos Beato, and Kurt Pennington (the number 1 Solid Edge demo guy) and the fact that they were demoing Solid Edge during the Open House, I can only speculate that the announcement has something to do with Solid Edge more than a new electric vehicle being developed by the Local Motors community.  As a matter of fact, Jay spoke about how the Local Motors community has grown and now it is time to get more tools into the hands of the community.  I'm guessing he means design or visualization tools.  And in his words, quoted again by Mark Burhop, design tools for the cost of a dinner.  Neither Jay nor Mark would go into details if the cost was a McDonald's dinner, an Applebee's dinner, or a 5-star dinner, but either way that is a price point that will definitely shake up the industry.  Which one? Automotive or CAD?

Local Motors already has two successful vehicles under their belt: the Rally Fighter and the vehicle developed for the DOD.  They are now working towards an electric vehicle.  You can see the Top Gear video of the Rally Fighter here.

Watch the Local Motors website and the Siemens website for the press releases describing the official announcement.  I know I'm interested in what the big news is going to be.  In the meantime, I get another tour tonight with my local chapters of ASME and NSPE.  Maybe I can coerce Jay into a corner and find out more.

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  1. Scott, Love the the info-graphic!  I feel bad you had to stay up all night making that :-P

    Seriously, you are right. I think there is a lot to learn from what Jay and Local Motors are doing.