Friday, August 31, 2012

Love NASA Technology? Have a Spinoff Idea?

Commercial industries hate risk and love profit.

Advanced research and development is high risk and low profit.  These are the technologies best suited for government programs - programs where failure doesn't cost the livelihood of every employee.

NASA, I'm happy to say, is one of the few remaining government organizations who still follows its charter to research the high risk technologies and then license them to commercial industries.
"A priority of NASA is to get federally funded new technologies into the commercial marketplace." --NASA Chief Technologist Mason Peck
In order to make that process easier, NASA has recently launched its Tech Transfer Portal.
"One of NASA's highest-priority goals is to streamline its technology transfer procedures, support additional government-industry collaboration, and encourage the commercialization of novel technologies flowing from our federal laboratories." --NASA Administrator Charles Bolden
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, small to medium business, or even large corporation that has a business plan aligned with cutting edge technologies and needs to organically grow your business through new product development, then take time to browse through NASA's available licenses, patents, and intellectual property via its Tech Transfer Portal.
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